The San Joaquin Public Agency Consortium (SJPAC) is a collaboration of Federal, State and Local agencies, and small business assistance organizations.  The SJPAC supports and promotes economic development of small businesses that provide commodities and services in the San Joaquin County region and surrounding areas by providing:

  • Informational business development workshops
  • Financial resource assistance
  • Diverse networking events to enhance the ability to do business with various public agencies
  • The maximum utilization in contracting and procurement opportunities
  • Information regarding qualifications for Governmental business certifications
  • Information regarding qualifications for diverse supplier certifications
  • Information regarding qualifications for other vendor programs


           The SJPAC will connect local small businesses with local resources, procurement, and contracting agents through transparent, collaborative, and cost-efficient means.

           Agencies in pursuit of increasing Small Business utilization in San Joaquin and surrounding counties are welcome to participate in the SJPAC.