Resources and Bid Opportunities

 Resources and Bidding Opportunities

There are a variety of resources that are local, such as your Chamber of Commerce.  Below are various resources that can be utilized to assist you with getting information, networking, and finding new opportunities.

Many of these links will also provide bidding opportunities.  There are different ways to work with agencies.  Often agencies place bids on their websites, ask for RFP’s (Request for Proposals), or simply ask for potential bidders to submit their list of services available.  Below are direct links to visit and research new contracting opportunities that are both local and national.  Each agency has their own requirements and we have put together some of that information for you!  Visit our ‘Certification’ page to get some basic information.  Each resource has been expanded to provide as much information possible for you to be successful.  If there is information you are unable to locate in resources we have compiled, please contact SRPAC.  We will help you find the information needed that will assist in your success!

Market yourself once you are ready for business! Network with agencies to build your visibility and awareness. Most state agencies are required to have
a small business/DVBE business advocate who coordinates the small business/DVBE procurement
process. Introduce yourself to the agency advocate. 

To find the advocates at other state agencies


Central Valley Asian Chamber of Commerce

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Manteca Chamber of Commerce 

Ripon Chamber of Commerce

Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Tracy Chamber of Commerce