DVBE Certification


The State of California established the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program to increase business opportunities for the DVBE community. State agencies are required to strive to award at least 3 percent of their annual contracting dollars to certified DVBEs. 

The program helps DVBEs participate on a more level playing field when competing for state contracts. Fo r co m p le te i n f o r m atio n o n the DVBE certification process and how to do business with the state, go to: www.dgs.ca.gov/pd/getcertified.


  •  Your business is added to the California Departmentof General Services database used by state and local agencies to find DVBEs.
  • TheSB/DVBE Option allows stateagencies tocontract directly with a California certified Small Business (SB) or DVBE for goods, services, and information technology goods and services valued from $5,000.01 to $249,999.99 (up to $281,000 for public works contracts) after obtaining price quotes from at least two SBs or two DVBEs.
  • DVBEsubcontractors can findcontractingopportunities and place ads seeking work with potential prime contractors at no cost.
  • Thestate mayofferuptoa5percent incentivetobidders that promise to use DVBEs.
  • Additional contractingopportunities with reciprocity partners (certain local government entities and public utilities) who accept the state’s DVBE certification. Visit www.dgs.ca.gov/pd/Programs/OSDS/Reciprocity.aspx 

who is dvbe eligible?

DVBE Eligibility Requirements

  • Disabledveterans must have a service-connected disability of at least 10 percent declared by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or the UnitedStates Department of Defense.
  • The firm mustbeat least51percentownedbyoneor more disabled veterans domiciled in California.
  • Disabled veterans must havean established business that is operational and active prior to submission of an application.
  • Daily business operations must be managed and controlled by one or more disabled veterans. The disabled veteran(s) who manages and controls the business is not requiredtobethedisabledveteran businessowner(s).
  • Home office must be located in the United States and cannot be a branch or subsidiary of a foreign corporation, foreign firm, or other foreign-based business.
  • Limited Liability Companies must be wholly owned by one or more disabled veterans.
  • Under certain circumstances, thedisabledveteran shall own at least 51 percent of every piece of equipment to be rented to the state. Refer to www.dgs.ca.gov/pd/ programs/osds.aspx for DVBE Equipment Ownership Requirements.